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CONTACT: Roger Baker, 12 Burwood Grove, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 9DS
Tel: 02392 462005     E-mail: trails@bwf-ivv.org.uk

ENTRY FEE: £1.50 per walker (Cheques payable to BWF)
AWARD: Cloth badge at £2.50 each
START VENUE: Maison Dieu House, (Town Hall Offices)
(Map Landranger 179) Sat Nav Code CT16 1DW Alternative CT16 1HJ
CAR PARKING: Maison Dieu Car Park 100m from start. Car parks are expensive in any city/town, this is no exception, currently £1 per hour up to £7.50 for up to 9 hours (Graduated)
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Mainline railway to Dover Priory Station, 200m from start. Coaches from London. Ferries from the continent.
TERRAIN: Steps, chalky cliff paths, tracks and town roads/pavements. Not suitable for pushchairs/wheelchairs. Toilets are nearby and on the route.
REFRESHMENTS: Available in the town and en route.
WARNING: Chalky surfaces can be very slippery: Beware of traffic on all road sections: Unfenced paths on cliffs close to edge in places: Keep dogs under control: Maintain a Weather Watch especially in Strong Winds.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION (Updated 30th May 2019)    

 Face the War Memorial in front of Maison Dieu House (Council Offices).

Q1 What is the latin inscription on central badge?

Proceed half left to pass between the House and church, go through iron gates (next to the Old Jail), and ahead then turn right to Bowling Green, go left and turn right before river bridge onto path. Follow path with river on left, turn left at Cycle Path No 5 and green arrow over bridge along the River Dour Greenway to reach road. Turn right and then left over road opposite archway taking the central path through the park to car park and toilets on left. Ahead on Stembrook left of the Roman Quay PH to junction, turn left along Castle Street (no name) to cross Maison Dieu Road at crossing. In 10m cross Castle Street at crossing then turn left to pass green triangle with large tree on left. Ahead and cross St James Street passing the ruins of St James church on left to reach junction with traffic lights. Turn left along Woolcomber Street to Junction, turn left passing Dover Leisure Centre on left and ahead to veer left into East Cliff passing the First and Last and hostel to the end and Athol Terrace. Turn left following Saxon Shore Way sign to pass houses and  garages, uphill under road bridge and up 142 steps to go through kissing gate on right 7m before road at top.

Pass NT Langdon Cliffs sign on left and ahead to maintain contour to open area, and in appox 120m turn right down grassy slope and 2 flights of wooden steps to path at bottom, turn left. Ahead to reach start of fence on right, turn right and go through gate on left to follow chalky narrow path to join wide track from the right. Passing the steel lattice fence on right, and after chalk mound go slightly right across grass area to reach Protected Wreck Site Langdon Bay information board

Q2 What is the name of the shipwreck at No 7 (italics denote shipwrecks)?

With back to notice board go ahead to go through gate on right, NT Langdon Hole sign on left. Ahead passing bench on right to reach cross paths, turn right to go down wooden steps on well established chalk path and ahead down and up elongated steps to go through kissing gate. Keeping well away from cliff edge on right head for South Foreland Lighthouse, veer left to end of wall and just before lighthouse ignore the well worn path to the left to go ahead on less worn one to reach kissing gate at far end of wall and go along narrow path to pass entrance of lighthaouse following wall and fence to end to gates and information board

Q3 How many hectares did the National Trust aquire?

Through gate on left and ahead passing shop and cafe access on left for approx 1500m ignoring all side path and tracks to reach fence corner on left and small gate on on left in fence. Follow path round sweeping right bend to right of fence to end. Turn left onto grass and cinder track through kissing gate next to large gate. Ahead to next gate, NT sign Langdon Hole, continue to cross track, turn right up steps fence and wooden ralings on left to gate, do not go through. Bear right up steps, fence on left to gate, Dover Castle comes into view. Straight ahead on gravel path to car park and NT Whitecliff Visitor Centre, toilets gift shop, and cafe. THIS IS AN ALTERNATIVE START POINT, SATNAV CODE CT16 1HJ, FREE PARKING FOR NT MEMBERS.

Continue ahead along access road to reach road junction and right hand bend, ahead through bollards, down steps that you previously came up to reach Athol Terrace. Just past phone box cross access road to pavement at pink house, follow round to left then right on road adjacent to the main Port road, Marine Parade. Ahead to house No1, cross dual carriageway to the left to the sea front, turn right along promenade. Approx 120m from channel swim start/finish plinth, next to silhouette figures, on seaward side, to German tally board from WW2

Q4 How many shells were fired at Dover on 20th January 1944?

Ahead in same direction to end near clock tower at T junction. Cross road right then left and continue to go right over swing bridge to main road junction. Turn right, turn left at first pedestrian crossing to cross dual carriageway and turn right on other side along Snargate Street to reach roundabout. Turn left along York Street to cross right at pedestrian crossing into un-named street to end. Turn left along King Street into Market Square and ahead across square into Cannon/Biggin Street, to continue along pedestrianised shopping street to finish at Maison Dieu House, and end of walk.

When you have completed this trail please use the Permanent Trail Entry Form

The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made by the organisers to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.  

This trail is registered until 31 December 2020